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Did you know?

Photograph shows Opening Day with Miss Lower Nicola, Debbie Moldowan

The Lower Nicola Centennial Hall officially opened in 1971

Before the hall was built, there was an ice rink on the property

Cement blocks had the names of donors on them

There used to be target practice in the basement of the hall

Floor hockey was played upstairs

Nicola Canford had school dances at the hall

The Lower Nicola Pagent was held there

There was a boxing club in the basement

Karate classes were held there

Potluck community Christmas parties were held, as well as Membership drives for $5 a year

On Aberdeen and Hwy 8, there was a stagecoach station and hotel

In 1978 on Aberdeen Rd there was a sawmill owned by Bud Kerwin, where they made pallets and strapping sticks. Many good memories were made there. Bud died in 1992.


Forestry fire suppression camp was on Aberdeen Road

Hall Opening.JPG

Thank you

We would like to acknowledge those that were able to provide us with history and memories of the Lower Nicola area -  Doug & Norma Mervyn,  Ernie and Myrna Jones, Nicola Valley Museum, Don Oglivie, Pam Stevenson, Debbie Scott, Curtis Riffel, Sharon Bondhogg, Stu Jackson, Michele Gaulin Shaw, Robert Hume, Laurie Turmel, Jo Square, Josh Frulling, Sylvianne Johnson and Debbie Moldowan

For just $5 a year, you can become a member of The Lower Nicola Community Association

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