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The Lower Nicola Community Association started back in the early sixty's in a one room school house.  Community picnics, dances, family celebrations were all part of the neighbourhood get togethers then. It was decided that Lower Nicola needed a community hall and after purchasing cement bricks from  Sager Construction, a local construction supplies business,  these bricks were sold for $1 each. Joe and Charlotte Schindler donated property and with the proceeds from the brick sales, hours of labour and countess donations from the community members, in 1970 construction started on the Lower Nicola Centennial Hall. Ernie Turmel was President of the hall back then and thinks about those times fondly.

The first event at the new hall was the New Years Eve dance in 1970. There are stories of shooting at targets in the basement of the hall, floor hockey games, Nicola Canford school dances, karate classes and boxing matches. The Lower Nicola Community Association produced a cookbook, called "Sharing Our Best" as a fundraiser for the hall.

In the early days, there were pig roasts, dances, weddings, games for kids and so many wonderful memories made. It was the good times. Everyone knew everyone and if someone needed help, the neighbourhood got together and helped.

Today, we still rely on members to volunteer their time and effort in local events and fundraising. Our hall continues to run solely by donations. Your membership would be greatly appreciated in these efforts.

Back in the 1800's there were people with well known area names today, that were just settling into Lower Nicola.

David Dodding (1858-1933) Born in England and moved to Canada in 1901 with his wife Dorothy Whitaker. They purchased the R.M. Woodward ranch in Lower Nicola. During David's time in Lower Nicola he was active in the Methodist church of Lower Nicola, and served on the local school board, farmers institute and stock breeders association. David passed away in 1933 at the age of 74. 

Thomas Carrington (1838-1926) moved to the Nicola Valley with his wife Eliza in 1872. They ranched in Lower Nicola and established a store at the foot of Nicola Lake in 1886. Thomas died in 1926 and Eliza passed away in 1934.

James Chapman (1836-1920) came to the Nicola Valley in 1871 living for a time in Lower Nicola before moving to land known as the Collett Ranch. In 1906 James retired from his ranch and sold it to John H Collett. Mary Chapman died in 1911 and James died in 1920 and the age of 84.

For just $5 a year, you can become a member of The Lower Nicola Community Association
Smith Pioneer Park is Managed by the TNRD, washrooms are open in the summer from 8am to 8pm

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