Lower Nicola Community Farmers Market



The Lower Nicola Community Farmers Market is held on the last Sunday of the month starting May 30 running until Oct 17th. The season's last meeting in October will be  held earlier in the month to accomodate the onset of winter conditions. 

Address of event - Lower Nicola Comm Hall - 382 Aberdeen Rd in Lower Nicola

Time - 9:30 am to 1:30 pm - last Sunday of the month

Covid protocols will be followed  - masks are manadatory, hand sanitizer on each vendors table, social distancing, 6 ft space between vendors tents, one direction travel path

Parking will be limited so vendors are required to unload their products then move their vehicle to Smith Park, a block up the road, so we can leave the hall parking for our customers.

There will be one or two spaces that a vehicle may be parked at, but it is at the discretion of the Market manager

Vendor stalls will be 10' by 10' with a 6 foot clear space between vendors tents

Food vendors must provide a copy of their Food Safe Level 1 certificate and follow the regulations for low risk foods in the Temnporary Food Markets Guideline listed below.

Vendor Applications can be obtained here

Market Guidelines can be obtained here

Temporary Food Markets Guideline obtained here